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Although Citizenship is not a subject that appears on the students timetables, in fact it underpins a lot of what happens during and beyond a typical school day and is possibly more influential than many students realise!

The three Citizenship key concepts of Identity and Diversity, Rights and Responsibilities and Democracy and Justice provide students with opportunities to prepare to take on the role of active citizens in the world beyond school. Students cover these themes within their Humanities lessons, in Learning Guide time, College and School Assemblies and in suspended timetable events including Deep Experience Days. At these times, students engage in a variety of activities both with their teachers and adults from the wider community to consider themes such as the need for fairness and justice and what happens when this does not occur, human rights and how these may conflict, issues of living in a multi-cultural society, the formation of democracies and the need for laws to ensure they can be sustained. These and many other themes provide students with wide-ranging, relevant and topical learning experiences that are both open-ended and thought provoking.

However, the special nature of Citizenship means that students are provided with opportunities not just to learn Citizenship but also to carry out Citizenship in their daily lives. Whether this is representing their peers on the School and College Councils, voting for others to do so, working together to raise money for charities, peer mentoring and helping younger students with their reading. They have opportunities to carry out environmental improvements in the local neighbourhood or collaborate with pupils from Primary Schools to help make the transition to Dyke House a smooth one, everytime students are displaying responsible Citizenship credentials.

Citizenship at Dyke House Sports & Technology College helps to equip young people to take on meaningful and worthwhile roles in the community as caring, questioning and participating members of society and as such, has a huge part to play in their education.