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Resistant Materials

AQA GCSE 9 to 1 Design and Technology (First examined for students completing courses in July 2019)

Examination Criteria:

Course work accounts for 50% of this award. Students will design and make a product that is submitted in year 2 of the 2-year course. The course work submission will be made up of a design portfolio, and a completed practical product.

The end examination accounts for the remaining 50% of the GCSE award. It is a 2 hours long examination which tests students' knowledge and understanding of designing and making.

Grading Structure: GCSE grades 9 to 1

Exam board Website: AQA - Design Technology

Course Specification: AQA Design and Technology GCSE 8552

Progress 8 Slot: Open Slot

Head of Department: Mr P Tilson

Course Description

In years 7 and 8, students study DT for 1 period per week, gaining knowledge and understanding in all DT material areas prior to their options, chosen at the end of year 8.

Students will have an 18 week-long course based on designing and making a range of resistant materials products. This will take place in years 7 and 8. Skills will be developed in CAD, bench work in woods, metals and plastics, CAD/CAM, hand drawing skills, and responding to a design brief and specification. Students can then pick a resistant materials option in the year 8 options process in preparation for our 2 years long course in key stage 4.