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What is STEPs? (Student Tracking of Effort and Progress)

We use our STEP's system to inform parents about their child's progress. We do this by sending a report towards the end of each half term.

This is where teachers will record each student's effort, their predicted grade at the end of Key Stage 4 and, where appropriate, any concerns about homework,coursework or attendance for every subject. We use this information to identify and put in place the necessary support and intervention to make sure students stay on track to achieve good outcomes.

In brief, the report gives you:



Outstanding effort - Star student


Good effort - Aspiring Student


Positive effort - positive about their learning


Wake up Call - may have received a C4 behaviour detention or a number of C3 incidents in the same subject


Serious cause for concern - targeted student for intensive intervention


Student may be in danger of permanent exclusion


This is a GCSE, BTEC or Technical Award grade or number. It uses a calculation, based on previous primary school performance, to indicate what students should attain at the end of Key Stage 4. It is based on how students of a similar ability perform nationally in high performing schools.


This is a GCSE, BTEC or Technical Award grade or number (see below about GCSE grades changing), which the teacher predicts a student will attain at the end of Key Stage 4. It is based on their current performance and the teacher's professional judgement.

Homework /


This indicates, where marked, that the teacher has a coursework concern or a homework concern



This indicates that a subject teacher would particularly like to see you on Parents' Evening. You can see any of your child's teachers at Parents' Evening but please try to see those teachers who have specifically asked to see you