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Top grade in GCSE maths for Jessica at age 13!

18th Sep 2017

Top grade in GCSE maths for Jessica at age 13!

A wonder-student from Dyke House Sports & Technology College has already scooped a GCSE in mathematics - aged just 13.

If that wasn't enough Jessica Yong amazingly managed to pass it with the highest possible grade.

Jessica's achievement was one of the highlights when a fantastic 70 per cent of Dyke House students learned they had achieved a standard A-C pass in English and Maths last month - a 27 per cent improvement on 12 months earlier.

It was estimated beforehand that only three per cent of those sitting the GCSE maths paper in the country would secure the super Grade 9, which is regarded as going one better than the old A* top mark.

But brilliant Jessica, who was only in Year 8 when she sat the exam, proved an absolute star after working extremely hard to achieve her incredible target.

"I am really proud of myself for being able to achieve that," said Jessica, who has made her mother Wendy and father Weng very proud.

"I love it at Dyke House and everyone has congratulated me. There were a couple of questions I got stuck on but I was OK because I had done a lot of mock exams to prepare for."

Jessica, whose hobbies include origami and playing the flute in her spare time, will now study statistics rather than GCSE Maths and teachers always felt she had the top grade in her despite her age.

Tina Davison, her Maths teacher, said: "It was phenomenal. Every single night Jess would take work home to self-study and come in the next day to get advice.

"It was through sheer hard work, a massive dollop of talent and Jess, in my opinion, is possibly the most talented mathematician I have ever taught.

"There is only a small amount of people who get a level 9 regardless of their age. She desperately wanted that 9. I was confident because she lost just one mark in her last mock paper - a glitch!

"Jess is very quiet, an unassuming young lady, but quietly confident. It's beautiful to see her progress and achieve."

Jessica, who has aspirations to become an engineer, made Mrs Davison a little origami swan, which sits on her desk, to say thank you for her help but Dyke House staff have all maintained that Jessica's determination was what earned the grade.

But what is it that the former Eldon Grove pupil loves about maths? She said: "I love power and surds the most. I like the endless theories and the patterns you can find in them.

"Patterns are everywhere when you look around you. They can be seen in nature, in petals on flowers, patterns are everywhere. There is usually a sequence in the petals.

"Patterns have become something I am really interested in and that's what I see in numbers and in Maths too. If I have a really hard problem I try to work it out first. Even if I don't get the answer I will keep trying."

Dyke House has celebrated fantastic results this summer. Just a week before confirmation that the GSCE results were among the best ever achieved by the school, its Sixth Form posted impressive A-levels.

Thirty-two per cent of its A-level students secured a place at one of the top 30 highly-selective universities in the UK.

Those included seeing Tom Clennett and Will Addison become the first Dyke House students to claim places at Oxford and Cambridge and are studying Chemistry and Natural Sciences respectively.

Dyke House Sports & Technology College will be holding its open evening for Year 5 and 6 students on Monday, September 25 at 6pm.