Dyke House Sports & Technology College

Attainment and Achievement through Creativity, Collaboration and Character

Schools within Schools

Key elements in raising the aspirations of all our students are our use of Learning Guides and the implementation of the Schools within a School system. Our college is based upon a model of five distinct Schools or learning communities (Discovery, Endeavour, Adventure, Resolution and Endurance). The creation of these smaller learning communities ensures that each individual student becomes a valued member of their School within a safe learning environment.

Each School has approximately twenty Learning Guide groups and these are led by a Head of School, Assistant Head of School and Progress Leader. This team is responsible for the Learning Guides as well as the students and provides the basis for consistency of action and support.

The Learning Guide system is the cornerstone of the School and the College. Learning Guides meet their students daily and maintain regular contact with parents and carers. This collaboration ensures that achievements are monitored, reported and rewarded whilst any underperformance is challenged early.

The daily Learning Guide programme is designed to support the academic and personal development of each student by providing opportunities for discussions, for practice in communication skills, for reflection upon their achievements and for negotiation of targets to achieve further improvement.

Adventure School (current year 7)

Head of School - Mr Davison

Resolution School (current year 8)

Head of School - Mrs Ramsay

Discovery School (current year 9)

Head of School - Mr Robinson

Endeavour (current year 10)

Head of School - Mrs Fisher

Endurance School (current year 11)

Head of School - Mrs Clark