Dyke House Sports & Technology College

Attainment and Achievement through Creativity, Collaboration and Character

Intervention & Support

What does the school offer for a student with SEND?

Teachers at Dyke House are skilled at adapting teaching to meet the diverse range of needs in each class. Daily planning takes into account individual students' needs and requirements. Differentiation is approached in a range of ways to support access and ensure that all students can experience success and challenge in their learning. Grouping arrangements are organised flexibly with opportunities for both ability and mixed setting to maximise learning opportunities for all.

To support Learning, Achievement and Attainment

Additional adults are used flexibly to help groups and individual students with a long term goal of developing independent learning skills. Monitoring takes place to avoid students becoming over reliant and dependent on this adult support.

Students may have access to learning support staff:

- In core subjects

- In practical subjects

- For group work

- Learning Support Clubs

- Rolling programme of literacy intervention

Students may have access to strategies/programmes to support speech and language in the form of:

- Speech and Language Therapist advice disseminated to and followed by teaching staff

- Access to trained Elklan Level 3 Speech and Language TAs

- Specific differentiation or modification of resources e.g. use of symbols, mind maps, storyboards, visual aids etc.

- Speech Therapy group work delivered by support staff following speech therapy advice

- Speech Therapist support as part of school's Extended Service Contract. (A speech and Language Therapist is in school for a full morning every week).

Students may have access to provision to support dyslexia /develop literacy in the form of:

- Focused reading lessons, with group or paired reading

- Morning Reading Programme on a daily basis

- Access to Lexia (an individualised literacy computer programme) on a daily basis

- Access to specialist Higher Level Teaching Assistant for specific individualised literacy support

- Small group intervention programmes as identified by Literacy co-ordinator, AHT SENCO or HLTA

Students may have access to provision to support/develop numeracy in the form of:

- Small group intervention programmes and progress clubs

- Ability setting

- Access to Numbershark

Students may have access to provision to support difficulties associated with dyspraxia / co-ordination in the form of:

- Specialist ICT equipment

- Access to laptops / tablets

- Delivery of an OT programme as specified by Occupational Therapy Services

Students may have access to provision to support difficulties associated with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the form of:

- Time out Cards / quiet areas

- Visual Timetables

- Supervised unstructured times of the day

- Learning Guide who will remain with your child for the time they are at Dyke House within a group of no more than 10 pupils who acts as a "parent" to your child whilst in school.

- Schools within Schools system which allocates a certain part of the school building to your child's year group for 4 out of the 5 years that your child is at Dyke House so the worry of change is alleviated.

Students may have access to provision to support difficulties associated with visual or hearing impairment in the form of:

Access to modified resources (enlarged text / books etc)

Access to specialist ICT equipment as specified by Visual Impaired Service or Hearing Impaired Service.

Access to monitoring through Visual Impaired or Hearing Impaired Services

Visual or Hearing Impaired Service advice disseminated to and followed by teaching staff

Access to special arrangements for all examinations

Pastoral Support

Students are able to access the following provisions to support the development of students' social skills and enhance self-esteem:

- Lunchtime and after-school clubs

- Mentoring

- Student Health Development Worker

- Quiet room available lunch/break time

- Social Skills groups

- Nurture chats by Learning Support staff, Learning Guides and Progress Leaders

- Pastoral support mentoring

Strategies to reduce anxiety/promote emotional wellbeing (including communication with parents)

- Transition support, visits and events

- Access to Half Way House

- Student support advisor

- Regular contact and liaison with parents as necessary

- Open door policy

Strategies to support/modify behaviour

- School sanctions and reward system as set out in School Behaviour Policy

- Mentoring

Support/supervision at unstructured times of the day including personal care

- Break time - safe haven

- Lunch clubs - safe haven

- Trained staff supervising during break periods

- Quiet room - safe haven

Personal and medical care

- Administration of medication available for students throughout the day

- Care plans for students with medical needs

Tests and Examinations: Access Arrangements

For some students additional arrangements and adjustments can be made to enable them to fully access a range of tests. This might include additional time, access to a reader, rest breaks, separate accommodation or the use of a scribe or word processor. The Assistant Head Teacher SENCO will inform you about eligibility and applications for these arrangements. Only tests and assessors authorised by the school and recognised by JCQ can be accepted for access arrangements for public examinations.