Dyke House Sports & Technology College

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Role and Deployment of Teaching Assistants

The teacher and teaching assistants (TA) at Dyke House Sports and Technology College represent a team, working collaboratively to support children on an individual, group or whole class basis.

All teaching assistants work under the direction of the Assistant Head Teacher SENCo and, on a daily basis, under the direction of subject teachers, with the teacher having ultimate responsibility for the children's learning. This includes the differentiation and adaptation of lessons to meet individual needs and the progress of pupils who have a SEND within the class.

Teaching assistants are integral to the successful learning of all children. They are highly skilled and are recognised as playing an important role in the College. Teaching Assistants support the class or subject teacher to meet the needs of individuals or groups of pupils with special needs.

TAs may work with children who have Statements of Special Educational Needs (under the old SEND Code of Practice) or Education, Health and Care Plans (under the new SEND framework) and pupils who are at SEN Support in Schools stage of the new Code of Practice, either 1-1, in a group or as part of the whole class. The TAs, under the guidance of the teacher, carries out programmes of work, for example, small group literacy and numeracy support programmes or adaptation of lesson delivery to support access to the curriculum.

TAs are attached to individual schools under the Schools Within Schools system which means that TAs remain with the same year group throughout years 7 until 11. The impact of this is that they having a very in-depth knowledge and understanding of the individual's needs, difficulties and strategies to support them as well as building fantastic relationships with the students. The placement of TAs is monitored and reviewed every term by the Head Teacher SENCO, Head of School and TAs themselves.

TAs play an extremely important role in monitoring students' progress, achievement and attainment and are integral to the monitoring and updating of Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and informing future provision and strategies to support individuals. All TAs complete monitoring sheets to inform subject teachers, Assistant Head Teacher SENCO and Heads of School of any emerging issues and impact.

Our TAs access an on-going Continuing Professional Development programme (CPD) through the college which has included qualifications that enable them to deliver speech and language strategies, support for pupils with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and Autistic Spectrum Disorders, preparation of personalised materials, communication support, ICT and physiotherapy programmes to groups and individuals.

Dyke House Sports and Technology College recognizes the extremely important role of the TA and works with the local College of FE to offer TA apprenticeships.