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Working together with parents / carers

Dyke House Sports and Technology College acknowledge that parental engagement has a large and positive impact on children's learning. To this end, we strive to build a positive working partnership with parents and carers to develop a student-centred approach to meeting individual needs.

Parents with children already identified as having particular learning needs or disabilities will be invited to discuss those needs with the school prior to admission - at the college's Open Evening, through your child's primary school SEND team or through transfer / admissions meetings.

If a child is identified as having special needs and /or disabilities, parents will be consulted at each step. The school will always tell parents when their child is receiving help for their SEND - through meetings, parent consultation evenings, Learning Guide conversations or informal conversations via telephone etc.

Following consultation parents of children with learning difficulties will, where appropriate, receive a copy of their child's Individual Education Plan (IEP) at least once per academic year along with a parental questionnaire to collect views.

We aim to work collaboratively with parents to enable them to play a more active and informed role in their child's education. We operate an open-door policy whereby parents can contact school at any time to speak to the Assistant Head Teacher SENCo, Mrs Dunston, regarding concerns or SEND update or to arrange a meeting.

At Dyke House Sports and Technology College we believe that such a partnership is key in enabling children with SEND to achieve their full potential.


Mrs S Dunston, Assistant Head Teacher SENCo

01429 266377